(FARMS HUMANS PETS WILDLIFE NEWS) Our Scientists came with an breakthrough with an results while working on a developing VIRUS FREE environment and in turn virus free human-life, derived the result that as a NASAL SPRAY OR INHALING FEW DROPS OF 0.5-1% diluted QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG TRUE CONCENTRATED COMBINATION OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE & SILVER already had all greenlites for all the phases of human and pets testing.This is a part of our Biological Clinical and Pharmacology Research Team.

The delivery of the new results may seem novel, has already approved an intro-nasal spray for the all types of Sinus related issues and preventive measures for all types of flu. The nasal spray also known for prevention of many respiratory issues, has been approved for use among children, as well as adults who prefer to avoid the more common needle injections.

Currently, our scientists around the world have been trying to create nasal sprays as an alternative to injections.

Spray as an preventive measures to keep corona-virus, lungs damage at bay.

We are not in a race to develop the vaccine however prevention is better than cure with 0% side effects.


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