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GPRS is General Pocket Radio Service, and GPS is Global Positioning System both are different terms and both have a very different meaning. GPRS allows you to transmit data over cellular networks and GPS gives you accurate location in the names of longitude and latitude anywhere and anytime of any person, pet or vehicle. Let me tell you that there are very few online platforms that provide a variety of Tracking Devices And they provide such gadgets that you can never complain about them. They
aim to set up a benchmark in the industry of GPS by providing all the facilities that their customers ask for. Using a tracking device gives you end number of benefits. Like it saves time by giving you the information about the busy roads and tells you a route which can lead you to your destination as early as possible. Using a GPS Can Prevent Crime by Tracking the Activities of The Criminals, or they can be caught easily if their vehicles can be traced and tracked. If you are having a transportation business, it can assist you in reducing the operational cost and lets you improve productivity.


We providing ICAT ARAI & AIS 140 GPS approved Tracking Devices, like Aadhar card tracking system, GPS locator for cars, personal GPS chips are not offered by every other company. The reason that their devices work properly and for very long time is due to the expert technicians that they have hired to develop these tracking systems. They give an unstoppable support to their customers.

They deliver the best brands to the country India. Their range of products include INVISIBLE GPS Tracking Device for Car , Vehicle Tracker , Bike Tracking System,Best Child GPS Tracking Device in India Child location tracker india etc. it gives a real protection, with online security systems. These GPS Tracking Systems are developed so that you are able to take care of the people or things that you care for. They can assist you in keeping a track of your people and belongings and also save your time and money both. They are the India's Biggest GPS Supplier in the chain of wholesalers. The customers are really grateful to the individual who invented these Tracking Devices and also to the company owners who sell such products at reasonable prices and also give after sale services to the customers who are in need. These online companies provide you with the facility of tracing and tracking location, people and vehicles with the help of Aadhar card tracking system, GPS locators for cars, bike tracking systems, and personal GPS chips. Their main motive is to help you keep in contact or stay connected with your family and belongings that you care for.

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We. came into existence in the year 2004 and is one of leading and top most exporters,importer, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturer and retailers of optimum
quality gps vts vltd devices and personal tracker, gps tracking devices in india.Our effective product range is inclusive of gps tracker real time protecting security, global
positioning tracking system device, gps tracking systems, gps tracking systems for dogs, gps tracking systems for commercial vehicles, gps tracking system in which vehicles.

What is GPS Tracking System? How Does it Works?

GPS tracking system is a device that use the GPS (global positioning system) to allocate the real location of any time of vehicle, person , pets animal and other. The GPS connect via GPRS (general pocket radio service) like internet .it is working on Google map, satellite map with the help of satellite. more keyword like AIS 140 tracking system.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System Personal Tracker Device in India

In spite of the invention of so many devices invented with proper positioning, distance, time, and speed to aid in smooth navigation, yet these devices are not capable of showing the exact location. It is in the current era after the advancement of technology that the GPS CAR TRACKING DEVICE has been pioneered, which will aid in locating a specific destination or reaching out to the location of crime easily.

The GPS tracking device for car in India is an easy to use and simple app. Now with the assistance of this electric vehicle tracking system, we can find out all the required
information and reports related to the vehicle in our mobiles. The ignition on/off notifications, over speed alerts, pol alerts live real-time vehicle tracking engines immobilizer, travel distance report, total kilometer running report, history playback and much more are available in this app.

The GPS tracker for vehicles in India are inconspicuous in size, and one can hide within it their tracking device to track the location of a particular area. There is an innumerable number of GPS tracking devices such as the GPS Personal Tracker, GPS Tracker for kids, GPS Personal Tracking Device with two way calling, two wheeler GPS tracker, GPS bike tracking device and so on. The end number of choices aids our customers in choosing the vehicle tracker that best suits their needs as well as their budget.

The 140 GPS manufacture in India offers the customers with an opportunity to get fully customized GPS tracking devices for their bike, car, bus, or any such vehicle. The GPS suppliers in Delhi guarantees to eradicate the additional expenses and provide a stunning quality of GPS TRACKER APP designed by very qualified and professional designers and specialists who performs the arrangement and quality tests starting from the underlying stage till the last stage after which the experts judge the quality at all levels of development of the product in order to prevent any form of shortcomings. Getting in touch with the GPS supplies in India might be a bit tough job.

All over India provider of GPS System, GPS Tracker Device for vehicle, We came into existence in the since year 2004 and is one of leading and top most exporters, super distributors of most of the brands in India as wholesalers and retailers of optimum quality indian made gps vehicle tracking system, GPS Personal and Vehicle Tracker, personal child location tracker india, student id card tracker, child tracker,All Gps tracker devices for commercial vehicle and many more equipment. Our effective product range is inclusive of gps tracker real time protecting security online tracking system and pocket gps, best child gps tracking device in India vehicle tracking system software.

We the Best GPS tracking supplier in India founded in 2004 is a global provider of Vehicle Tracking with route deviation reports, Fleet Management and Taxi Dispatch System services and solutions. We have established our reputation in the field of GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking and emerged as one of the leading provider of GPS system solutions. Services and GPS Tracker tracking system seller, suppliers, importer, dealers, wholesale distributors and manufacturers in India.

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Since its inception of our tech security division in 2016 has consistently improved and established with competent team of qualified Engineers has ensured that the foundations are strong. It is the reason why the company has invested in a complete in-house tool room, injection moldings, electronic assembly, speaker manufacturing, JUKI SMT Pick & Place machines & complete in-house R&D

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