Why Speed Governors?
By the year 2020, road traffic injuries are expected to be in third place in reasons for hospitalized people.As per the National Crime Records Bureau Data (2015) 141,526 persons were killed and 477,731 injured in road traffic crashes in India in 2014. 27% of road deaths in India in 2013 was contributed by trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.
Speeding has been identified as one of the top three reasons for road crashes and deaths across the globe. This makes speed management a very important tool for  improving road safety. Speed Governor is a device which can limit the vehicle speed to a preset limit, thus improving vehicle efficiency and road safety.

Fuel Type Speed Governors -

Our most used (78%) Speed Governor is a fuel based electronic road speed limiter. This smooth operating device increases engine life, fuel efficiency, and reduce maintenance cost of your vehicles. The product is ideal for Fleets, where the cost of device could be recovered within a month. Speed Governor is being used in over 25 countries as a fuel saver as well.

Cable Type Speed Governors -

Our second most used (12%) Speed Governor interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle to limit its speed. The motor-controlled speed governor controls the speed of the vehicle by a precise adjustment of accelerator cable.is tried and tested traditional speed limiter widely used in Asian countries.

Electronic Pedal Interface Speed Governors for Safe Drive -

Our third most used (10%) Speed Governor is a technologically advanced speed governor device that works best with electronic engines and accelerator pedals of the latest generation of vehicles. This advanced device has no moving parts, specially designed connectors to avoid mistakes while connecting, and is tamper and wear & tear proof. It is a SAFE DRIVE suitable for all vehicles with Engine Control Modules or ECM’s.

Our tamper-proof speed governors are certified by ARAI/ICAT, and are made to government regulations especially for ALL SCHOOLS.

Our Speed Governors are ideal for the Railways to use in their road vehicles due to near zero maintenance requirements.

Our Speed Governors are best for Heavy vehicles in the mining industry including dumpers and tankers can use our speed governors as they are robust and maintenance free.

Our speed governors gets you the best fuel efficiency, lesser accidents and repair costs, and lower insurance premiums hence not to get working and profits of small businesses to hampered.

Our Speed Governors are as per Government of India guidelines which has made speed governors mandatory for all commercial vehicles with more than 9 seats, except fire department and police force.

Our speed governors are designed to help companies save up to 10% of annual fuel expenses, hence an ideal choice for logistics companies.

We makes and market all Indian products in India

Our prime focus is to deliver products and services that ensure your safety on the roads. innovation and creativity go hand in hand to achieve inventive road safety solutions. Our R&D team is designing and manufacturing world class products in India and is one of the largest automotive and electronic marketing/manufacturing in the country. The R&D center employs exceptional talents in the field of automotive electronics hardware, embedded software and Information Technology.

ECU Development

In a rapidly changing world with newer and better techniques and technology evolving every day, electronics is the crux. All latest technologies are a combination of electronic and software developments. We have developed capabilities to cater to any custom requirements of the customer be it, Steering Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Engine Management, Fuel Management or Infotainment. The Electronic Control Unit or ECU is developed by keeping in mind the International Automotive Standards. The ECU development is dependent on engineering tools for visualization, reducing complexity and also for achieving efficiency. Our Model Based approach to ECU development supported by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) processes and strong product development expertise ensures timely delivery of results with world-class quality. Following are some of the key points which help us in delivering the best results:

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools
  • Software Configuration Management Tools
  • Requirement Management Tools
  • Architecture & Configuration Tools
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Work-flow Tools
  • Enterprise Integration Tools

Verification & Validation

Verification and Validation is an essential part of product development life-cycle. Every product needs to be certified so that the developed product is in line with the requisite product usage. For companies with limitation to invest in infrastructure for Verification and Validation, it is very prudent to outsource the same. Also, an independent validation team has typically been proven to provide a more detailed testing and analysis of the finished product or solution. Our Technical Center can cater to Verification and Validation requirements of electronic components. Some of our competencies are in:

  • Undertaking Independent Embedded Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Validation of Design and Schematics

Hardware Engineering

Hardware design and manufacturing are very challenging undertakings. Product development throws up questions on change in technology, rising costs for electrical and mechanical components, and quality. Our Technical Centre is the heart of our customer offerings, and provides hardware engineering expertise. Some of our competencies are:

  • Electronic Design
  • ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Design & Validation
  • Product Testing
  • System Simulation
  • Assistance for EMI/ EMC compliance

Application Development

The requirements of customers and businesses are very unique and usually requires customized application development. The talent pool at Our Technical Center ensures a conceptualized and well-designed application development using design & development expertise in diverse platforms, best-of-breed tools and techniques, combined with industry best practices. The solutions that we provide include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Package Solution Development
  • Application Transition
  • Support
  • Development of Enhancements
  • Software implementation

Software Implementation

Testing and validation can be a time consuming and highly complex activity which necessitates the presence of a knowledgeable service provider. Our Technical Center offer ideal technologies and methodologies to achieve optimum and efficient results in testing, which ensures maximization of revenue at minimum expense. The knowledgeable, skilled and well trained resources ensures that the validation meets the constantly changing requirements. We provide end to end test consultancy (Initiation to Release).