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Contract Manufacturing Division

Deal All,
We invite each one of you with GOLDEN OPPORUNITY OF LICENCED CONTRACT MANUFACUTURING FACILITIES….Influx Group was started in 2003 in Mumbai (India) with a small budget and a very small team with one common vision to achieve more….

Started as a Micro plant 15 years ago (in 2003) with intentions and will to grow, INFLUX HEALTHCARE has now transpired into a 35000 sq ft plant in Palghar, Maharashtra with a thrust to expand to 48000 sq ft very soon thanks to broad vision of

Dr. Munir Chandniwala (B.Pharm, MBA, M.Phil, Phd)
Founder, Director

Our manufacturing plant is certified with GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 with well equipped Machinery, Quality Control department and Competent Manpower. Within this span we have traveled many miles and hurdles
and have introduced various innovative products to customize and cater to the market.

We are committed and aim to keep on producing innovative range of products with good concept, quality and build a larger network of customers. We have our large Clients base PAN INDIA and have a warm
presence in 4 continents.

Our Major business involves Contract manufacturing, Franchisee & Marketing of Nutraceutical, Herbal, Drug and Veterinary Feed Supplements. We can produce economic batch sizes with competitive
rates for various categories of products viz Soft Gelatin, Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Oral Powders, Lozenges, Bars, Cookies, Jellies, Mouth Sprays, Creams, Gels, Ointments, External Oils etc.

Kindly feel free to contact us for further queries at or

We are Aditya Group on behalf on entire Influx team as marketing, distributing and promotional arm of Influx Health care Welcome you all to the world of Health and Wellness & expand association with us….
We are proud to invite for our well approved contract manufacturing in bulk for following health products and sectors.

Dietary / Nutritional Supplement : We are manufacturing wide variety of supplements in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Liquid Orals, Soft-gel, Lozenges, Jellies etc.We have applied for Five Patents.

Ayurvedic : We are manufacturing wide variety formulations form of Tablets, Capsules ,Powder, Liquid Orals, and External (Ointments, Creams,Lotions etc),External Oils soaps in herbals and cosmetics.

Animal Feed Supplement : We are manufacturing wide variety of Veterinary formulations form of Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Liquid Orals, and External (Ointment, Creams Lotions etc), External Oils soaps in herbals and cosmetics.

Gym/Sports Supplements : We are currently manufacturing wide range of sports supplements and catering wide,range of categories like Proteins, Protein Snacking, Protein Bars, Allied Supplements. We are manufacturing more than 40 tons of Supplements per month.

Drugs Formulations : We are manufacturing various dosage forms governed by the FDA in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals,
Lotions, Ointments, Creams, Dry syn

Premix Solutions : We can provide innovative nutritional functional Premix for fortification and formulation of food products using ingredients like Vitamins, Minerals, Amino-acids, Phytonutrients and other Functional ingredients.



Influx Healthcare since 2003 have been seeded its root and have expanding itself to different divisions. It has well presence in field of Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, Cosmetics, Disinfectants, Veterinary feed, and now in Homecare segment. Influx has been manufacturing partner for many companies across India and Global. Read More


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