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Usage/Application For Improving pH of Water
Physical State Liquid / Powder
Packaging Type HDPE Carboy
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Grade Standard Industrial
Purity 99% Minimum
Shelf Life 5 Year

The use of QUACHEM PHB-L replaces soda ash and lime in water treatment. It has many advantages from the standpoint of pH control and softening. The method for chemical treatment of water will vary considerably based on the water analysis and the quality of water desired. In many plants, the use of QUACHEM PHB-L may be the only chemical required to give the desired properties.

pH Adjustment: The pH of water using QUACHEM PHB-L may be either adjusted before sedimentation and filtration, or after filtration, or both-depending upon the characteristics and the optimum pH of flocculation. Generally pH adjustments need be made only after filtration to prevent the corrosion of the pipelines of the distribution system. QUACHEM PHB-L used for pH adjustment, and each has its special advantages. However, for ease of handling, cleanliness of operation and ease of control, as well as an absence of hardness increase, the feeding of QUACHEM PHB-L is best. The amount of these chemicals to raise the pH will vary with the specific water being treated.

Dosage of ph builder: This runs in the range of 7 ppm to 40 ppm for QUACHEM PHB-L to raise the pH to 7.5-8.0. This should be considered very seriously by plants using a process to control pH.

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Weight 50 kg