9,999.00 4,999.00

Usage/Application Pharmaceuticals & Bio tech Industries
Area Coverage 10 to 50 ft
Material Stainless Steel / Plastic / Varieties
Noise Level 80db@ 1 m distance and varieties
Purity 99% Minimum
Flow Rate 50ml-500ml/minute
Performance Warranty 1/2/3 Years
Material Grade SS316 and varieties
Weight 3.3-5.8 Kg
Cable Length 2.5-4 meter
Voltage 240 V and varieties
Frequency 50 Hz and varieties
Tank Capacity 3.5-5 L

Fogger is a dry Fog Technology for Critical area Disinfection Systems. Designed as per compiles to sterile Sterile area norms. Generates ultra-fine and non-wetting aerosols No Wet floors and surface.

Highly effective for the critical areas to prevent microbial contamination Uniform spread flow & Ultra low consumption of disinfectant to ensures low mountainous cost and reliable in operation.

Compatible with all kind of leading Disinfectant/fumigant solutions.