Disinfection and Sterilization of Injectibles, Formulations, CIP, Storage Tanks and Pipelines

"A Eco-friendly, Chlorine-free Disinfectant and Fumigant"
Your solution for a sterile environment.

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG is a revolutionary, eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant and fumigant for use in Pharmaceutical companies, Life Science Institutes, Research Labs and Hospital Operation Theaters.

The trademark formulation of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG forms a complex compound which kills all forms of bacteria, viruses, spores including Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, MRSA & H5N1 virus.

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG is a clear, colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid disinfectant which is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non toxic and can be used where other chlorine based disinfectants are ineffective for use. The formulation has been thoroughly tested in India as per all national international norms and being well accepted all over.

The added benefits of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG are that it does not have a foul odor, no irritation to the eyes, requires no DE-fumigation and is very easy to handle. There are also no fears of overdosing and no residual effects. A room of 1,000 cubic feet can be rendered completely sterile in 60 minutes using a 1-5% of solution of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG.

We recommend use with a SPRINKLING COMBO SPRAYER FOGGER OR ULV FOGGER which produces a very fine mist and allows our product to be suspended in the atmosphere for a longer period of time allowing for penetration between cracks of surfaces ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG is also very widely used for disinfection pipelines and storage tanks as it is the most effective disinfectant on Bio-films. Other applications include disinfection of surfaces and instruments, hand sanitization and raw water disinfection.


Injectables, Formulations, Production, Packaging & Filling Areas, R&D Laboratories, Tissue Culture labs, QC & QA Laboratories - all benefit from the use of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG in the following

Aerial Fumigation
QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG has been the ideal choice of the users for replacing Formalin Formaldehyde Fumigation. Concentration: 2-5% (for 1000 cu. ft. area to be fumigated with fogger - i.e. 20-50 ml of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG in 800 ml DM water to be sprayed for 30 min).
Contact Time: One hour, after which the area will be sterile.

Surface Disinfection
Apply 1-2% solution of QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG on floors, walls, tables and linen
Instrument Disinfection
Dip the instruments in a 1-2% solution

CIP/Loop System Disinfection
When used in recommended dosages it completely eliminates Bio-films.

Resin and Filter Disinfection
Dip in a 0.1% to 0.3% solution to control foul odour & contamination.

Storage Tank Disinfection
Spray the surfaces of the tank with 0.5-1% solution

Laundry Disinfection
Wash with 1% solution

Air-Conditioning Systems
Apply as per recommendation

Test Reports from Reputed Institutes
QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG has been tested by several leading Institutions in India with for its disinfection and fumigation properties in the pharmaceutical manufacture and health-care industry.
Most of the Institutions where extensive tests and trials are conducted on QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG and its applications.


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