QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG highest range of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based environment friendly oxidizing disinfectants specifically formulated to be used as for various applications for personnel, air water and surface disinfection by fumigation, spraying, wiping, immersion techniques in various commercial and industrial establishments.

Recommended by:

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (Guidelines for Environmental Disinfection where persons with potential exposure to COVID-19 have housed)

Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Kerala (Guidelines for travel and tourism department)

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG is a registered trade name for disinfection chemicals under QUACHEM CHEMICALS & SOLUTION PROVIDERS, certified by FSSAI means non toxic to an extent to consumption. Based on complex formulation synergistic blend of Colloidal Silver and highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide, extends 30+ variants with their own distinct applications.

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG FUME: Widely Acclaimed Indoor Air Fumigant
QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG MiST: Non-toxic Fog & Spray DE-Contaminant
And Many more…. With

QUASIL TM XXXTRA STRONG : Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Universal Disinfectant.


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