Choose the most appropriate disinfectants to control HAIs ( Hospital Premises /Hospitality Premises such as Hotels Lodges, Malls, Shopping Centres, Commercial Centers,Residential CHS, Residential Properties, All types of Vehicles etc Acquired Infections ) USFDA warning bell...

This all service providers/visitors care takers are looking to reduce their associated infection rates…

STAY ALERT BE AWARE not to use Toxic Disinfectants Such as

Virex II 256 ❌
ethylene oxide ❌
Formaldehyde / aldehydes ❌
Glutaraldehyde ❌
Hydrogen Peroxide❌
Ortho-phthalaldehyde ❌
Peracetic acid ❌
Hydrogen peroxide processed with peracetic acid❌
Quaternary ammonium compounds❌

According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health-care associated infections (HAIs) due to TOXIC DISINFECTANTS kill more people each year globally than car accidents, breast cancer or Aids, and cost the WORLD healthcare system an estimated $400bn-$450bn each year. most common HAIs are:

central line-associated bloodstream infections
methicillin-resistant Staphylococcal aureoles (MRSA)
vancomycin-resistant Streptococci bloodstream infections
Colostrum difficulties
surgical site infections (SSIs).

While government initiatives such as awareness programme and discharge surveys are helpful in combating HAIs, in the WORLD COURTESY WHO.

" IDEAL DISINFECTANT solutions containing concentrated HYDROGEN PEROXIDE minimum 40-50% well processed with SILVER AG minimum 400-500ppm have been approved by the US FDA for serialization." Its good, broad-spectrum bactericidal, virucidal, sporicidal and fungicidal properties, combined with its excellent stability and environmentally friendly characteristics, have made HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SILVER AG combo the disinfectant of choice for critical semi-critical and non-critical equipment while being an ideal air water and surface disinfectant, Despite being listed as equipment-compatible by all endoscope manufacturers, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SILVER AG based disinfectant solutions are considered ideal alternatives to all other toxic sterilants.


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